eRequirement / ePHS


While visiting a customer our President and COO noticed a large room filled with cases of paper and toner cartridges and file cabinets with blank forms for every carrier and state. WHY?!?

Because (as you likely know) once a case has reached the underwriters of a chosen carrier additional information is often required before the case can proceed. So, their solution was to pull the required section of the form set, scan the required section of the form set, print and fold the required section, grab an envelop …awww, you get it.


What if you could pluck out the discrete section of an application that needed to be completed and signed?

Simply highlight the required fields, and forward a link enabling completion and eSignature, all in real time if needed?!

Our ‘Pilot’ with two of the top Direct Marketers of Term insurance produced the following metrics.


The average elapsed time was 3.4 days


The quickest took 2 mins!


72% signed within the 1st 24 hours 

2 days = 76%

3 days = 79%

One notable highlight revealed, that one of the two Direct Marketers, enjoyed an average completion time of just 7-1/2 hours.

And if a Carrier was to wield the platform for ePHS (Electronic Policy Holder Services) it would not be unexpected to address the needs of ‘benefit changes’, ‘payment modes’, ‘address changes’, etc with ease and in a similar time frame.



*eRequirement and ePHS are Service Marks of the PAPERLESS SOLUTIONS GROUP


Download the eRequirement pdf Here!