ClickWrap esignature.


There are a few spots on this website where we've taken the liberty of being perhaps glib or tongue in cheek. But, not here. There is something special about the decision to signify joining into an agreement; or affirming that you have truthfully stated the facts. And, the Paperless Solutions Group takes that very seriously.

Paperless Solutions Group (PSG) seized the opportunity to provide Electronic Signatures with the passage of UETA in 1999 and the subsequent E-Sign Act of 2000.

Prescient of Carriers and Client’s unease in this shift from hundreds of years of tradition and habit, we developed CursiveOnLine (COL). This was a handwritten eSignature; electronically rendered via the mouse, pointing device or touchpad. This platform preserved the cultural significance of writing one’s name, along with all the embedded benefits of archiving a log file of every affirmative action taken by the signator. As well as, hashing the steps and resulting document. This provided an immediate, convenient and defensible signature that exceeded the conventions of the ‘classic’ wet ink signature.


As the adoption of eSignature increased, PSG worked in conjunction with process improvement teams at LIDMA and NAILBA to develop ‘ClickWrap’.

This offered the robust and secure underpinnings of CursiveOnLine, with the ease of signing with a mouse click or tap to the pad or screen.

Voice Signature was subsequently developed in conjunction with Carries such as Colorado Bankers Life and Mutual of Omaha. With customizable variants available to address other needs and specifications.



*CursiveOnLine is a Trade Mark of the PAPERLESS SOLUTIONS GROUP

*ClickWrap is a Service Mark of the PAPERLESS SOLUTIONS GROUP

Download the ClickW rap esignature  pdf Here!