Policy Holder Services

Building Relationships for a Lifetime

Policy holder services is one of the most important parts of creating lasting impressions on your customers, yet it's also one of the most widely ignored parts of a carriers business when it comes to technology.  PSG can quickly and cost effectively help carriers provide required service forms to insureds through a variety of channels.

Our offering allows carriers to a customized user interface or use our engine and API's to build your own experience however you would like.

How it Works:

Scenario 1 - Your Website

Allow consumers to select requests from your website where they will be presented easy to follow screens that walk them through the entire process.  Reflexive questions and rules ensure you always get the forms completed properly.  Once completed and eSigned we'll send you back the data along with the signed documents.

Scenario 2 - Have Your Call Center Start the Form

This is where your consumer reaches out by phone to a call center whereby part or all of the form is completed by a call center representative.  Partially filled forms can then be sent via email link to the consumer for completion and signature.  Completed forms can use voice signature or be sent via secure link for signature.  All data and forms are sent back to you to consume.

Scenario 3 - Give Links to Your Distributors

Allow distributors access to send form links and instructions to consumers on the agent's behalf using their standard eXpedite login. Once the consumer completes the process we'll notify everyone in the process then ship you back the data eSigned documents.

It's super easy to setup and we can most carriers live in just a few weeks. There's little heavily lifting on part of your part as the carrier.  We'll map all the forms and setup the rules for you. 


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