Simplifying Insurance Sales

No matter what channel your selling into you need a simple to use tools that offer a great experience for everyone.  PSG provides a wide array of robust and flexible platforms that can be used as a stand alone solution or integrated into your own websites, third party utilities, and more.  Our philosophy to open API's allows you the ultimate freedom of building what makes the most sense for you and your customers.

eApplications = FillableForms*

The PSG eApp offering gives both carriers and distributors a flexible yet robust platform for any product line.  We currently support life, LTC, DI, Annuities - for both individuals and groups where applicable.  With our eApps you can have a unique "User Interface", easily integrate it within your own website, or give agents access to put it on theirs.

FillableForms* and Forms Library

Not every agent or consumer want to complete their forms on-line and as a carrier or distributor you've got to be able to support these needs.  PSG can help solve that problem by giving your staff, your agents and advisor, and even your consumers quick and easy access to a rules driven experience ensuring everyone gets exactly what they need.

eSignature = ClickWrap*

eSignture has become a "must have" for those working within the insurance industry.  Most eSignature vendors are expensive and are hard to setup.  PSG offers a unique eSignature tool that can be integrated into any of our offerings or used as a stand alone with your other products and services.  Our open API makes integration simple and quick.  We invite you to find out for yourself while many of the top insurance carriers have been using the PSG eSignature tool for more than a decade.

*FillableForms is a Service Mark of the Paperless Solutions Group

*ClickWrap is a Trademark of the Paperless Solutions Group