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Calculate quote class with confidence

The Paperless Solutions Group (PSG) eValuate   Product is a robust multi-level field-underwriting tool, capturing relevant application information and providing preliminary quotes in real time based on carrier specific underwriting guidelines. With a unique rules based underwriting technology platform, eValuate is able to provide immediate insights to help streamline the application process, providing dynamic quote classifications and prices more efficiently for both agents and carriers.

Improve the quality of applications
Through use of reflexive questioning that supports co-morbid conditions, eValuate guides agents in real-time to ask the right questions, ensuring all relevant applicant information is captured. By doing so, it improves the quality of applications submitted so your underwriters can focus on the cases you want them to.

Single and multi-carrier
eValuate comes in single and multi-carrier versions, helping improve risk selection regardless of distribution channel.

eValuate can:
Support agent/agency and consumer processing  
Reduce cycle-time
Increase placement ratio
Improve staff productivity
Enhance customer experience
eValuate supports:
Multiple Impairments
Co-Morbid Conditions
Carrier Specific Controlled Rules
Proprietary Underwriting Guidelines 
eValuate delivers:
Reduced underwriting and administrative cost
Greatly reduces the number of quick quotes and informal submissions
Real-time results as data is entered

Ensure your applications have the best chance of turning into placed policies!  Watch this video to learn more.

eValuate is a Service Mark of the Paperless Solutions Group

Interested in learning more?
We would be happy to discuss your needs and give you a demonstration.
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