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eValuate PLUS

Automate underwriting with eValuate PLUS

Automate underwriting with Paperless Solutions Group (PSG) eValuate PLUS, a flexible and powerful point-of-sale underwriting decision tool from PSG that supports full data driven analysis for multiple products (Life, DI, FE, etc.) based on carrier specific rules that can be directly managed to keep underwriting guidelines confidential.


One seamless interface

eValuate PLUS provides the benefits of all other PSG products, including eValuate, eApplicaiton and eRequirement,  PLUS new features such as rapid underwriting, all integrated seamlessly into a consolidated user interface (UI).


With built-in logic and vendor interfaces such as Lexis-Nexis (for identify verification), MIB codes, Millman for prescription history and more the platform supports the entire application and underwriting process. Additionally, authorizations run via eSignature and premium payments can be administered electronically, helping your case management and admin teams be more efficient.​


eValuate PLUS is flexible, with the ability to be customized to support your individual needs:


Your rules, our engine

With full decisioning support capabilities, eValuate PLUS can apply your underwriting guidelines to our engine to support the entire application and underwriting process.

eValuate Plus fully supports carrier-specific underwriting rules including multiple impairments, co-morbidities, debits and credits, and any other ‘secret sauce’ so you can be confident in the quotes it provides.                                                          

Using your rules as a guide, our rapid decision tool will return an offer, decline or refer to a traditional underwriter and can also upsell or pivot to a different product as appropriate. And, it costs significantly less than building a proprietary underwriting engine.


Your engine, our point-of-sale tools

Already have a risk assessment and decision support engine? eValuate PLUS includes seamless application and point-of-sale process tools that can work with your own risk assessment and decision support engine to create a powerful end-to-end experience.

eValuate PLUS is a Service Mark of the Paperless Solutions Group

Interested in learning more?
We would be happy to discuss your needs and give you a demonstration.
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