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Collect requirements fast and with ease

Paperless Solutions Group (PSG) eRequirement   accelerates the requirements gathering process by supporting electronic collection of data for a form or subset of forms. It helps agencies and carriers collect missing information in days instead of weeks, enabling cases to keep moving through the underwriting process swiftly.

Consolidated and easy
The tool allows agents to attach execute all necessary requirements to via one email link for an applicant. You can highlight discrete sections of a form, allowing your applicant to quickly and easily identify and complete a missed field. Simply forward a link enabling completion and eSignature, all in real-time if needed.

Proven results
PSG customers are seeing a dramatic reduction in cycle times and their consumers love it!
On average, requirement transactions are completed in 1.4 days, from start to ‘signed and done’!

Plus, 72%  of the consumers signed within 24 hours of the initial email being sent. 

The original form or application does not have to originate on a PSG platform!
eRequirement will works with any form or application, no matter how the original application is submitted be it through paper, vendors or proprietary systems. 

eRequirement can
•    Reduce time to gather data
•    Save thousands of hours in case manager time both at carrier and agency
•    Improve customer satisfaction
•    Improve placement due to cycle-time improvement

eRequirement is a Service Mark of the Paperless Solutions Group

Interested in learning more?
We would be happy to discuss your needs and give you a demonstration.
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