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Improve Risk Selection

Reduce cycle-time

Increase placement ratio

Improve staff productivity

Enhance customer experience

The gathering of signatures arguably the most critical junction of any contractual transaction. Day in day out high volume customers trust our ClickWrap eSignature to handle that with aplomb. PSG also supports Voice Signature protocols per spec. 

A flexible decisioning tool that:
Costs much less than a full-blown underwriting engine.


Interfaces with multiple data products like Lexis-Nexis, MIB, Milliman Rx, etc.


Utilizes carrier-specific underwriting rules including multiple impairments, co-morbidities, debits and credit, and their ‘secret sauce’ while guarding the recipe.

Quite simply, enables the gathering of post-submission or "inforce" requirements and eSignatures in real time if need be, or when convenient for all involved.  ​

Still unmatched in offering impressive Speed to Market, Agility, Service, and Reliability, after nearly 20 years.
Offered through the:

Virtual Insurance Sales System (VISS)
A web-based intelligent forms solution that can typically be up and ready for use in less than one business day.

Enabling you to import via XML 'likely all the relevant data you have on a client onto an insurance application​​

Policy Delivery the Way you dreamed it should be:

Workflow Your Way

Custom Email Templates. 

Agent / Advisor Wizard. 

Quick and Easy To Use. 

Easy for Carriers to Setup.