"Intelligent forms, electronic signatures
portable data to ensure quality transactions
of trust."
Intelligent forms consistently rendered "In Good Order"
ClickWrap e-Signature with robust authentication
Completely portable data - from or to any database
Compatible with virtually any legacy system
No additional hardware, software or plug-ins needed
HIPAA, U.S. Patriot Act and GLB compliant

Providing Secure, Managed, Internet Technology Solutions for Your Customers
Paperless Solutions Group supports virtually any legal e-Signature process desired by our customers.
Forms Management...
Paperless Solutions Group manages 1,000s of .pdf forms available for filling and signing online. Any data entered may be ported to any existing legacy system.
Distribution Channels...
Paperless Solutions Group hosts multiple branded distribution outlets customized for insurance, healthcare, financial services, automotive finance and warranties, Government, and education uses.
Medical   Financial   Government   Legal  
Our medical Internet-based forms and e-signatures are HIPAA compliant.   Our Internet-based Financial Services forms and e-signatures are GLB compliant.   Our Internet-based forms and e-signatures for Government are Patriot Act compliant.   Our Internet-based forms and e-signatures are compliant to the Electronic Signatures in Global and National Commerce Act (E-sign 2000).  
Efficient. We
have been
enabling agents
to sell insurance
directly online
since 1997. Click
here to see carriers.

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