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Automate document signing

Paperless Solutions Group (PSG) eSignature   facilitates the signing of documents in a convenient and easy to use electronic fashion. The tool can be used as a stand-alone module or can be integrated into any PSG product.  

Easy and economical
Use of electronic signatures has become a "must have" within the insurance industry.  Most eSignature vendors are expensive and are hard to set up
PSG offers a unique eSignature tool that can be integrated into any of our offerings or used as a stand-alone with your other products and services.

Flexible model
Our tool supports these main eSignature methods:
•    Click signature – The long accepted industry standard model for the direct-to-consumer market via email.  Allows electronic signature to be collected in real-time without the need to send an email.
•    Mobile cursive signature - Pad-signed signatures collected during face-to-face interactions
•    Voice Signature – Developed through a customized process vial collaboration with your recording services 

We invite you to find out for yourself while many of the top insurance carriers have been using the PSG eSignature tool for nearly 20 years.


eSignature is a Service Mark of the Paperless Solutions Group

Interested in learning more?
We would be happy to discuss your needs and give you a demonstration.
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