How many ‘Field Underwriting’ guides does each Insurance Producer have? The intuitive answer is one for each carrier right?

Well maybe.

What about:

The ones that they can’t find?
The ones that they don’t know are out of date?

The ones that a producer with less than a decade of experience, can’t parse through?


What if a producer could tackle “Risk Selection” using a tool that allowed virtually unlimited impairments, contended with co-morbidity, factored flat extras and credits?

What if the carrier could have their “Unpublished Underwriting Guidelines” humming away ‘under the hood’ empowering the process, but safe from prying eyes?


What if:
‘Infomals’ could be reduced by at least 50%?

What if Carries could “not get what they don’t want?"


What if all the above was available across multiple carriers?

What if?

What if you
contacted us for a demonstration of what is possible with eValuate?


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