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Electronic Document Delivery

Send any document to any party via any workflow

eXpedite is unlike any other eDelivery offering in the industry today - not only because it's easy to implement, or can support the delivering documents for any of your product lines, but because it has a unique robust rules and workflow engine that accommodates any document delivery scenario you may have.  

What Make's eXpedite Great?

  • Easy to implement - no need to be PDF ready or even have a consolidated data feed

  • Quickly send policies, contracts, disclaimers, rate adjustments and more - either with or without signatures

  • Support all of your products and all of your business channels uniquely

  • Carriers and distributors can have their own workflow and business rules

  • Ability to support real-time reissue 

  • Up-sell, OTA, cross-sell and add-on sale functionality included

  • Use your enterprise eSig vendor account or ours - Docusign, eSignLive, Signex, Adobe, and more
  • Open API for quick and easy integrations

  • Easy to use for everyone - great agent wizard and consumer portal experiences. 

We invite you to see for yourself why eXpedite is the best eDelivery solution on the market for insurance carriers, distributors, and their agents.


eDelivery Made Simple

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